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About Us


Gabriel, Owner

With over 10 years of experience in electronics and audio/video, Gabe originally founded Angelo Audio Solutions in 2010 as an Audio/Video company. In 2011, Gabe co-founded Angelo Security Solutions with his wife and continued expanding into security, sound systems, audio/video and mobile satellite systems. In 2012, Gabe co-founded Angelo Solutions LLC to incorporate both Angelo Audio Solutions and Angelo Security Solutions with their growing oil and gas service company.

Gabe is a vital part of the management team, supervising all work completion, directing training, providing expert knowledge to our employees and customers, developing new business and ensuring that our work is of the quality and consistency that our customers have come to expect. With over 8 years of extensive satellite installation and troubleshooting experience, Gabe is currently working to complete his VSAT Professionals Satcom Certification.


Why Choose Local?

Here at Angelo Solutions, we believe in supporting the San Angelo, TX community by buying and shopping locally. By supporting local businesses rather than nationally owned businesses, we keep money in our community and grow the local tax base. Buying local also reduces our environmental impact because local businesses make local purchases which require less transportation. Additionally, small local businesses are the largest employers in the nation and provide quality jobs to our community. Here are a few more reasons we buy local:

Support community groups

Keep our community unique

Get better service

Invest in community

Put your taxes to good use

Buy what you want, not what someone wants you to buy

Encourage local prosperity

Staff Qualifications and Certifications

All technicians are PEC SafeLand USA Certified

 All technicians are H2S Safety Certified

 All technicians are equipped with industry specific PPE

 All employees must pass a criminal background check

 All employees must pass random drug screens

 All technicians must complete company training

 All technicians are Mix Telematics Certified

 Lead Technicians are KVH VSAT Technician Certified